Enhance your understanding of assets, markets and any other analyses where location represents an important dimension of the analysis.

Through our intuitive interface we provide CRE investment professionals with a power software library of advanced analytical methods for accessing, manipulating, visualizing and exploring data, in spatial context, to answer the following questions:


Where do things happen?

Patterns, Clusters, Hot Spots, Disparities

How does where things happen affect other things and how does context affect what happens?

Interaction, Linkages, Feedback Loops

Where should things be located?

Optimization & Decision Support

Why do they happen where they happen?

Causality vs Correlation




    Simulate, stress test and validate your financial and market model assumptions to predict performance ahead of capital deployment.

    Correlate, understand and predict how all the CRE market dynamics—competition, supply and demand, socioeconomic patterns— will impact risk-adjusted returns.

    Gain an unparalleled understanding of your existing portfolio risk exposures.