Real Factors serves the world's largest global commercial real estate market participants: sovereign wealth funds, banks, pension funds, asset managers, private equity firms and hedge funds.



AnalysTS & AssociateS

Accelerate the creation of all analytical work products.

Vice Presidents & Principals

Get to “Yes” or “No” decisions faster and with deeper insight.

managing directorS & CIOs

Empower your team to do more deals and drive better risk-adjusted returns.

Research Teams: Validate investment ideas across markets, verticals, and strategies

Acquisitions Teams: Automate and empower market, asset, and tenant due diligence

The Process  


Data Inventory

Through a 1-hour workshop with your investment team we take inventory of the data resources used across your firm, reveal existing blind spots and understand which web and "alternative" data feeds are of interest.

Process Framework

We understand that each firm goes through a different deal process. We tailor our unique framework to align with your firm's unique deal review process and protocols.


Our software supports cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployment architectures.


Once integration of your firm's data is complete, our team takes a hands-on approach to engaging and training your investment teams.

Our Platform


Real Factors eliminates the tedious, manual process of aggregating data from multiple resources for comp sets, financial models, market analyses and other common reports.

We enable front office teams to automatically normalize, validate and wrangle all of the data inputs that inform opportunity sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management.

With Real Factors, investment teams enhance the value of existing data assets by coalescing all quasi-proprietary data provided by your firm’s global network of broker and banker contacts, in context with all of your other data resources.


Unify all your data

Run a single search to locate all relevant in-house and external data.


Visualize & Compare

Analyze cross sections of your data and reveal the key insights others miss.



Use anonymized payroll data, firmographics, POI, and location data to reveal new insights.



Build predictive models for key KPIs like Rental Rate, Occupancy, and NOI.


OPTIMIZE your Portfolio

Optimize your portfolio leveraging alternative data and deep learning.


Data Fusion

Extensible Data Model

Enables the flexible integration, management and transfer of knowledge derived from multiple data sources.

"Just-in-time” Integration

Accesses and integrates queried data sources on the fly, minimizing costly data transfer and duplication.

Security & Provenance

Provides single sign-on access to all data resources while enforcing data source-specific rules and privacy protocols.


Federated Search

Unified Access

Allows for the seamless, simultaneous search of all internal, commercial and web based data.

Intelligent Search

Automatically resolves search ambiguity and personalizes search results based on user and team search activity.

Real-Time Retrieval

Search results present only the most current information across all data resources.


Data Intelligence

Data Quality

Reduces data uncertainty and inconsistencies through signal processing, dimensionality reduction and data interpolation methods.

Global Framework

Provides a common framework for sharing and reusing CRE data across application, enterprise, and community boundaries.

Open Information Extraction

Enables analysts to create and curate non-traditional data sources, at scale—such as broker research feeds, news aggregators, or industry blogs.


Advanced Analytics

Geovisual Analytics

Iterate with drag-and-drop geovisual data analysis to rapidly evaluate known patterns of interest, anomalies and to systematically identify previously unseen patterns across fused data sources.

Spatial Data Science

Quantify the geospatial, socioeconomic and hedonic factors that drive asset performance, rental rates and risk-adjusted returns.

Machine Learning

Empower non-technical business users with the latest advances in artificial intelligence to reveal hidden risks and opportunities.