Using alternative data to better understand every CRE property and market.

7Park Data enhances your understanding of assets, markets and any other analyses where location represents an important dimension of the analysis. We provide CRE investment professionals with a suite of indices to answer the following questions:

Where do things happen? Why are they happening? How will neighborhoods change over time?




Local Income Index

Measures the impact of first-party local income and demographic data on commercial real estate KPIs of interest.

Economic activity Index

Understand which businesses are growing and where.

Hiring Index

Understand where job growth is occurring and for what types of jobs.

Amenity Index

Tracks the composition, quality and cost of local businesses within a given neighborhood or region.

Retail Competition Index

Leverages anonymized cell phone GPS data to track the overlap in visitors across different retail centers.

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Multifamily Rental Rates

National rental-rate predictions for 1, 3, and 5 years.

Office Occupancy and Absorption

Better understand office supply and demand.

Loan performance

Identify at risk loans within your portfolio.

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Enables front office teams to automatically normalize, validate and wrangle all of the data inputs that inform opportunity sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management. We unify the myriad of commercial, and public data resources used by the largest global financial institutions.



Algorithmic Comps

Leverages fingerprint of income and demographics for all zip codes nationally, enabling powerful comps analysis.

Knowledge Management

Enable investment professionals to rapidly navigate data resources, generate new ideas, iterate through analysis and version and share content within a purpose-built analytical environment.

Automate Reporting

Automate manual reporting processes throughout the deal lifecycle with our agile reporting engine.

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Real Factors serves the world's largest global commercial real estate market participants:

Sovereign Wealth & Pension funds, Brokers, Asset Managers, Developers, Private Equity & Hedge Funds.



AnalysTS & AssociateS

Accelerate the creation of all analytical work products.

Vice Presidents & Principals

Get to “Yes” or “No” decisions faster and with deeper insight.

managing directorS & CIOs

Empower your team to do more deals and drive better returns.

Research Teams: Validate investment ideas across markets, verticals, and strategies

Acquisitions Teams: Automate and empower market, asset, and tenant due diligence

Our Platform


Unify all your data

Locate all relevant in-house and external data.


Visualize & Compare

Reveal key insights others miss.



Use payroll data, firmographics, POI, and location data to reveal new insights.



Build predictive models for Rental Rate, Occupancy, and NOI.


optimize Asset MGMT

Optimize your portfolio leveraging alternative data