Make the qualitative, quantitive


The Challenge:

CRE investment teams have a growing need to share and use data for a wider range of purposes and to make data more definitive, intelligent and accessible.

Today, analysts spend hours aggregating data from siloed commercial data subscriptions, internal knowledge stores and a myriad of web-based resources.

As a result, investment teams spend significant time preparing data and instead of performing critical analysis.

How We Help:

Data Fusion: Eliminate the tedious, manual process of aggregating data from multiple resources for comp sets, financial models, market evaluation and other analyses.

Data Quality: Accelerate the normalization, validation and wrangling of data used to inform deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management.

Workflow Automation: Synthesize key analytical workflows in software and create an advantage with new spatial and machine learning analytical capabilities.

Deal Review & Reporting: Automate investment committee reporting to ensure that your team is spending time on what matters.


More Productive Deal Teams - Process deals faster and with better data.

Deeper Perspective - Coalesce a holistic view of the market and your portfolio.

New Insights - Reveal unseen patterns to drive greater risk-adjusted returns.