By unifying petabytes of traditional, unstructured and visual data  to benchmark every major CRE sub-sector, in every major city, globally.

Real Factors enhances your understanding of assets, markets and any other analyses where location represents an important dimension of the analysis. We provide CRE investment professionals with a suite of indices to answer the following questions:

Where do things happen? Patterns, Clusters, Hot Spots, Disparities

How does where things happen affect other things? Interaction, Linkages, Feedback Loops




Amenity Index

A machine learning-based tool that tracks the composition, quality and cost of local businesses and services within a given neighborhood or region.

Proximity to X

Proximity to certain amenities, points of interest or businesses have been demonstrated as directly correlated asset premiums.

Retail Competition Index

Leverages anonymized cell phone GPS data to track the overlap in visitors across different retail centers.

Local Income Index

Measures the impact of first-party local income and demographic data on commercial real estate KPIs of interest.