Startup Accelerators: Real Factors Journey to Plug and Play Ventures

For a startup, working with a large corporate entity is one of the most important factors in early validation. Products can be beautifully designed, demo perfectly, and promise amazing results - yet it’s all meaningless without any customers or users.

Real Factors was recently admitted into the Plug and Play Tech Accelerator, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the journey. Plug and Play has a fantastic model wherein they partner with large corporate sponsors and match them up directly with startups.

Commercial Real Estate firms provide an especially difficult challenge to startups as most major players in the space have been extremely successful by using two things: a rolodex and excel. To be introduced to executives that are bought-in to using technology as part of the investment process makes a world of a difference.

Many accelerators claim to be adding value, but few actually do. Thanks to the Plug and Play team! You can read the full press release here.